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  • 低速电动车用交流异步bv伟德官方线上bv1946伟德入口
  • 高速乘用车用永磁同步bv伟德官方线上bv1946伟德入口
  • 纯电动物流车用bv伟德官方线上bv1946伟德入口
  • 纯电动中巴车用bv伟德官方线上bv1946伟德入口
  • 纯电动大巴车用bv伟德官方线上bv1946伟德入口
  • 新能源汽车转向系统用bv伟德官方线上bv1946伟德入口
  • 变桨bv伟德官方线上
  • 泵用隔爆bv伟德官方线上bv1946伟德入口
  • 特种bv伟德官方线上bv1946伟德入口
  • 电动汽车感应bv伟德官方线上系统
  • 电动汽车用水冷永磁同步bv伟德官方线上系统
  • NEMA超高效电动机
  • NEMA D 设计bv伟德官方线上
  • NEMA高效bv伟德官方线上
  • NEMA标准不锈钢bv伟德官方线上
  • IEC标准不锈钢bv伟德官方线上
  • YE3/WTLbv1946伟德入口高效率三相电动机
  • YVF2bv1946伟德入口变频调速三相异步电动机
  • YEJbv1946伟德入口制动bv伟德官方线上
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    Jiangsu Weiteli Motor Limited By Share Ltd is located in the Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang's hometown - Taizhou City, covers an area of 116000 square meters, construction area of 65000 square meters. The total assets of 389000000 yuan, the staff 660 people, including college education of 248 people. Company's main products are: high / low speed electric vehicle drive motor series, pure electric buses and hybrid buses driving motor series, car steering ...


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    WIND TURBINE YAW MO... WIND TURBINE YAW MOTOR The pitch motor in variable pitch control mechanism, ca...
  • NEMA epact efficiency motor

    NEMA epact efficien... NEMA epact efficiency motor
  • IECstandard stainless steel motor

    IECstandard stainle... This series of motor with CSA,CE certificate is the enclosed three-phase squirr...
  • YEJ series electromagnetic brake motor

    YEJ series electrom... YEJ series brake motor is a totally enclosed self-cooling squirrel cage type th...